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Morgane Perron

Meet our inspiring and amazing Yoga instructor.  Your health and wellness will be enhanced purely sharing there energy.

Morgane graduated from a 200h Vinyasa YTT, my greatest reward is to share the countless health benefit that yoga provides to everybody and every body, from good postural and breathing habits, increased mobility and flexibility to deep release of tensions and stress.


‘Total mind body connection’

Including yoga as a daily body and mind practice profoundly changed my life, easing my journey towards self-awareness, self-acceptance and overall health.

Through a dynamic flow we will learn to fully and safely express our bodies through correct asanas alignments while using our breath to keep our mind calm and focused. We will gradually build up the strength and energy needed to evolve not only on our mats but also in our everyday life, while deeply restoring and stretching all our muscles and joints. We will learn to listen and acknowledge our ever-changing body, capacities and limitations.