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Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching packages

At MOVE we can help you navigate your way back to ‘REAL FOODS’, help you understand ‘HEALTHY CHOICES’ and what that really means. With our help you can change lifestyle habits, instil new ones, feel ENERGISED, VIBRANT and MENTALLY CLEAR. We will help you refine your dietary and lifestyle choices and tailor a REAL FOOD environment specifically designed for YOU that will positively impact your personal health challenges.

Take the plunge and get started on your journey to LIFE LONG HEALTH AND VITALITY with guidance and support from Leeann as you embark on your journey of change.

Discovery Session

Set aside the time to explore your current challenges and obstacles keeping you back from optimal health.  Highlight your current challenges and the possibilities for change

  • Explore your hear and now of your current health
  • Consider your long term health prospects
  • Discover what value you hold in your health
  • Explore the possibilities for change
  • Highlight your current lifestyle habits and those you would like to have in the future
  • Take a deep dive into your future health of 6 months, 2 years or 5 years from now.

This is an extensive discovery process that 100% successfully unlocks for people a sound knowledge of their current reality and the discord that may hold with their future health goals. In conclusion of your session, you might walk away empowered to initiate change OR engage in support from Leeann to help you achieve your goals.  Either way you will be glad you took the time to discover!!!

 One to One consulting

There is no argument that working 1:1 with a coach, trainer or any other skilled professional is the best way to get a personalised strategy and reach your goals.  Leeann has work with a vast number of individuals to improve their health and wellness reaching goals in

  • Weightloss
  • Fitness and movment
  • Sleep issues
  • Stress management
  • Self growth and understanding

 Digital Group Nutrition and lifestyle program – 30 Days to RESET your health and wellness Habits

Taking group coaching to a new level, Leeann had devised a program that educated and supports you through key life style elements.  30 Days to reset your habits and initiate change.  Successful strategies refined directly from the success stories of 1:1 individual coaching.  Cost effective and an arms length approach to making change, working in our  program might just be the launch pad you need to kick start your health journey.



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