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Empowering human nature through MOVEment



At our Move Fitness Salamanca Place studio we offer group fitness training classes with variety to suit everyone.  Our classes will challenge you to reach your full fitness potential, to feel and perform beyond your expectations.

We focus on functional movement patterns that are transferable and applicable to the real world. Movement patterns to make you stronger in both your daily life and your chosen sporting pursuits.

Let our MOVE Fitness team introduce you to a unique form of training combining high intensity workouts with body-weighted movements and equipment based resistance exercises in a small group fitness training environment.

MOVE HIIT High Intensity Interval Training

Our High intensity interval session’s are a full body work out that will get your blood pumping and heart racing. HIIT is preformed at 100% all out effort followed by a short period of rest or active recovery. Often preformed as a circuit or tabata, HIIT combines body weight and equipment based exercises. Sessions often finish with a core or sculpt component.

MOVE Strength

Our strength classes are focused on our functional movement patterns push, pull, hinge, squat and rotation. With a strong emphasis on technique and progression these classes are aimed at keeping you injury free while improving overall strength and body composition. Still need your daily HIIT. At times our strength classes finish with a high intensity HIIT. thats if you have any more to give….

MOVE Metaburn

Our Metaburn class is designed to challenge you with high intensity, plyometric and agility based training. Working on varied work rest timing structures these work outs are designed to boost your metabolic system and create a long term fat burning after your training session. Hard, fast all out efforts

MOVEment classes

An exploration into movement, sessions may focus on development of locomotion patterns, improving specific movement patterns or working on specific skills to improve balance and stability. Classes will challenge the way you think about movement and fitness. Come with an open mind and a willingness to learn.

MOVE Fitbox

A fun fast paced cardio work out. Our boxing classes are technique focused, come and learn some basic skills building up to more challenging punch, knee, kick combinations.

Yoga With Stefany

Stefany has over 17 years of Yoga practice to her credit.  Her teaching style is traditional, with students learning the fundamentals that form the foundations for a safe yoga practice. Linking breath with movement to create strength, flexibility and the calmness of mind most busy people crave.

All of Stefany’s classes are taught with a strong focus on correct postural alignment to avoid injury, ensuring that she understands her students capabilities as well as their limitations. Small classes ensure that each participant is given adequate attention so that postures may be modified to suit each individuals unique needs.

Strength – Agility – Fat burn – Muscle tone – Power & speed


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