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Generation UCAN

Redefining your sports fueling – The healthy way

Welcome to Generation UCAN. Cutting edge sports nutrition that combines fitness, energy and performance with a healthy lifestyle.

Are you ready for a performance fueling revolution?

Powered by Super Starch, UCAN is the product of cutting edge science bringing you a sports fuel that offers:

Sustained energy – fueling your endurance sports with ease. The new gold standard in slow release carbohydrate. No BONK!!

Enhance fat burn – no blood sugar spike means you continue to burn fats for fuel, during and after you exercise.

Optimise performance – no blood sugar spike and dip, means your muscles perform better, your brain works better and you can work harder and smarter. Reach your full potential.

NO GI Distress – No more Goo belly!!! Poor short and long term gut health has plagued athletes for years. Its time for a change. Support your performance and your long term health.

Reduction of damaging free radicals – Athletes already produce cell damaging free radicals by pushing their bodies to the limit. Nutrition that is sugar based traditional maltodextrin fomulas support further free radical production.

For more information on how you can optimize your sports nutrition, download the PDF file below or contact your MOVE Team for more information.