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‘In the beginning, there was movement’

MOVE Massage

At our new purpose built MOVE Salamanca Place clinic, remedial massage and mobility are a large part of our core business. Working in the Clinical Massage industry in Hobart for over 14 years, our combined skills offer an extensive array of treatment approaches.

Our massage treatments we combine multiple techniques tailored to your personal requirements to offer

  • Relief of pain and discomfort
  • Relief from pressure due to chronic poor posture
  • Re energise your muscles and improve your range of motion
  • Recovery from sport and athletic activity
  • Increase blood flow in muscles and reclaim ease in your movement.

Regular appointments with our skilled remedial therapists ensure that you stay ahead of injuries and structural dysfunctions before they become significant issues or injuries.

For some, remedial massage might simply be the perfect way to unwind, chill out and get a bit of ‘self’ time on a regular basis.

Book now and enjoy the many benefits our Clinical massage has to offer the people of Hobart.

MOVE Mobility

With the use of a variety of equipment you can take your mobility home from out Hobart based clinic to your lounge room floor and extend the benefits of your massage treatments. We will teach you techniques that enhance your ability to move, play and enjoy life injury free.

Browse our range of mobility tools in our online store and learn how you can self manage your musculoskeletal dysfunction.

Myofascial cupping with Dale Cook

Myofascial cupping therapy is a technique that employs traditional Chinese cups and the use of suction for fascia tissue release. The cups are used after applying oil or a balm to the skin and creating a suction force followed by movement of the cups to manipulate the fascia tissues. The technique can be used all over the body and is complimentary to remedial massage work. Dale uses her cupping skills to release fascia tissue throughout the body with the resulting benefits of:

  • Increased nutrient rich blood flow to restricted tissues
  • Passively increase myofascial tissue release to increase range of motion
  • Assist in the removal of localised inflammation
  • Correct musculoskeletal imbalance

The cups are cleaned after every use and to tailor your treatment Dale will palpate and identify the areas that will benefit the most from the technique prior to applying the cups. Bruising should be minimal, however in areas of dysfunction you may experience some superficial bruising of the skin.

If you are looking for an alternative therapy to try for your current dysfunction, book a cupping session with Dale today.

Massage, mobility and cupping prices:

30 minute session $61

1 hour session  $85

1.5 hr session $127


All therapists are Private Health Fund registered