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6 week Specialised programs

Our 6 week specialised class blocks at MOVE Fitness give you the opportunity to access the best of the best of our trainers passion for their movement specialty.  Rotating on a 6 week on, 2 weeks off cycle Emma delivers an extensive program across 3 class times per week in Stretch and Mobility.  Lindsay, with her passion for Strength training is empowering our members in what is a truely a ‘MORE than Muscle’ program. 


6 week specialised programs

Stretch and mobility

Monday 5:30pm / Thursday 1:30pm & 5:30pm

Learn how to control your most valuable tool – Your own body.

Wether our aim is to run faster, reach further, squat deeper, jump higher or to be BETTER at HUMAN it all requires our ability to control our range of movement AKA MOBILITY.

Mobility training is a combination of flexibility, strength, stability and balance, we utilise methods such as breathing, movement, active and loaded stretching to help us achieve new ranges of motion with confidence and control, enhancing body awareness, improving posture and injury mitigation.

Train to be flexible, Train to be strong, Train to be bulletproof.

More than Muscle – Strength class

Wednesday 6pm

Our specialised strength class offers the ultimate in small group with a maximum of  6 people. Spending 6 weeks specifically workshopping one type of focus lift, either the deadlift or the back squat and alternating each cycle along with series of accessory strength movements. This class is perfect for beginner and intermediate level lifters alike.
Lindsay is a passionate Strength and Conditioning coach with a love of Powerlifting in particular and has spent two years cultivating this specialised class. With the aim of giving participants time and space to workshop one specific lift, in detail, under supervision and with support, feedback and direction they can learn and develop their technique, so that at the end of this 6-week block you have a new favourite exercise that you have mastered!

Week to week the structure of this class is consistent, running though mobility, stretching and warmup sequences relevant to the focused lift, familiarising with the movement patterns and adding extra layers of technique and focus as the class moves into its weighted lifts, educating participants around the “how?” and also the “why?” of our training.  This class provides specificity and structure paired with a progressive overload programmed by your coach, these are perfect conditions for participants to develop a deeper understanding of themselves, their lifting and to grow their confidence and strength training.

Discover the secrets beneath what is often judged as gruelling mindless muscle pumping, lifting weights can change your life in unexpected ways, change your mind as well as your body with these lifting classes!
This class is More Than Muscle.


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